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Shape of my heart!

Well! Love is in the air and why not get bugged by valentine’s day fever!

Here is an excellent idea to turn your routine breakfast into a special Valentine’s Day treat for your beloved ones. (PS – this need not be only for your date or partner or spouse. Try it out and we assure you that your kid, siblings, parents or roommates will also enjoy it equally.) If nothing else, you will love making it for a change and you have a reason to get all mushy and romantic – after all, it’s the season of love!


Have you thought of what all you can do with your heart shaped cookie cutter? Well – here are some ideas if you have not thought of it already. To add a little extra excitement on your February 14th breakfast, here’s an excellent idea that can give to your valentine more special.


Heart Shaped Pancakes –Take your pancake game to the next level of impressive by making them in the shape of a heart. Pour the batter into heart shaped cookie cutter on the pan and let it cook on one side. Carefully take out the cookie cutter and turn it over to cook from other side. Simple.

How to make heart shaped pancakes - Baking

How to make heart shaped pancakes – Baking


Heart-shaped French Toast – Cut the bread with the heart shaped cookie cutter and dip it into the bowl of French toast batter until it’s fully submerged into the mix. Before placing the bread onto the pan, hold it over the bowl to remove any unneeded batter. Next, place the slice of the bread on the pan and turn the slices over as they start to become brown. And there your Heart Shaped French Toast is ready. Serve it with toppings of your liking and enjoy a lovely breakfast.

How to make heart-shaped French Toast - Baking

How to make heart-shaped French Toast – Baking

Heart shaped toast
  – First make a heart shaped hole at the centre of the bread with the help of a heart shaped cookie cutter. Break the egg and place it in the whole. Add salt and pepper to your taste. Once egg is settled cook on the other side. Voila! Heart Shaped toast is ready for your loved ones.

Enjoy your heart-shaped egg-in-toast, honey!

Enjoy your heart-shaped egg-in-toast, honey!

Heart shaped Fruits
– Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to make these cute Valentine’s fruit kabobs. To keep apples and pears from browning, soak them for a minute in a mixture of 1 1/2 tbs of lemon juice to 1 cup water.