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Heart Shaped Eggs for Valentines Day

There is no end to being crazy for love. Isn’t it? Whether its heart shaped cake or heart shaped eggs for that matter!

Here’s a nice and easy way to make and serve heart shaped eggs.

All you need is eggs!
Just go about boiling the eggs as you normally do and once done, peel of the egg shell and place the egg in a v-shaped cardboard. And then you need to place a pencil on top of the egg, tie the pencil and cardboard with a rubber band and leave it for about 10 minuets.

The egg will take the shape of the cardboard and the pencil.

The trick really is to make the egg is still hot! Hot egg will make sure the egg is easily set into the shape we desire.

Here’s a quick video demonstrating heart shaped eggs! Make, serve them in your valentines lunch or dinner and have a great Valentine’s.

How to Make a Heart Shaped Egg - Valentines Day

How to Make a Heart Shaped Egg – Valentines Day

Preserving Fresh Herbs

Its hard to preserve herbs and curry leaves that are leftover from your recent cooking and even hard to throw them away. Right? What you need is a better way to preserve your herbs, a more efficient and simple way to preserve them for a long duration.

Here’s one interesting tip: Use your ice cube tray to full it with herbs and top it up with olive oil and just freeze it. It’s that simple!

Once frozen, move the contents into a pouch and keep it frozen for later use.

When you need to use the herbs, just take out the cubes and use it as you wish. Isn’t that simple?

Quick Tips: Freezing Fresh Herbs

Quick Tips: Freezing Fresh Herbs