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Valentines day message hidden in an Egg

Eggs need not be used to surprise only during Easter. Imagine surprising your loved one on Valentines day with a few hollow eggs hidden among the hard-boiled eggs! And just think how much more surprised they’ll be when your loved ones try to crack one of those hollow eggs only to find a mysterious message inside?

Pure magic! Isn’t it? And very, very simple yet different idea to share your message of love.

Here’s how you do it: Blow the contents of the egg out by making two holes on either end (one end use a push pin, and the other make it larger, but don’t make it too big), clean, dry the egg shell and place your special message inside and just carefully tape the ends.

Refer the below video to get more details on how to do this.

DIY Valentine's Gift : Surprise message in an egg

DIY Valentine’s Gift : Surprise message in an egg