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4 Easy DIY Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Every February, across the world, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones to celebrate festival of love Valentine’s day. This year take a little time out of your busy schedule and let your beloved know how you feel about them and add a bit of sugar and spice to otherwise mundane life. Here  are some super cheap & easy Valentine’s DIY’s that the man/woman in your life would love!

First Idea – “I’m Nuts about You!”
Make a sweet Valentines Gift nut box for your honey. Roast some almonds and give a coating of honey/sugar coating to it. Once dried – put them  in a mason jar. Cut out a piece of paper which measures the lid of the mason jar and write “I’m Nuts about You!” on top of it. Give to your beloved and see the magic unfold!! Simple. Sweet. Healthy. And says everything that you need to say.

Second Idea – “We are A perfect Match”
Make a super easy Valentines card with hint of humor for your naughty partner. Take a card paper and fold it in the shape of a greeting card. Empty a match box of all its matches except center two. Glue it over to the card and write “We are A perfect Match” on top of the card. Write your personalized message inside the card and give it to mate. Its that easy and really cute. It sure will bring a smile on your Valentine.

Third Idea – “You are Hot”
Its more of DIY than putting together things to express what you feel. Take some Hot sauce and peppers and add them in a small basket. Top it of with a Tag – “You are Hot”. Hopefully your loved one really like hot things or at-least like the funny puns. In any case simply use it to set the mood for the Valentines evening.


Fourth Idea – “Shape of my Heart”
It’s easy to show your love to your Valentine but really difficult to show your heart. Hence we take support of superficial ideas. Take a tea bag and cut it out and stitch it back in shape of a heart. Serve your sweetheart bed tea with this special tea bag and set the mood for rest of the day. You don’t really have to use just tea bag. You can also use toast, cake, cookie or fruits cut out in shape of heart and it will do the same magic for sure.


For more precise direction please refer the video and add more love!

Valentine's Day DIY  Ideas

Valentine’s Day DIY Ideas

Have a wonderful Valentines day to all the romantics at the heart. Keep spreading the Love.