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Simple and easy newspaper Christmas tree

Here’s a simple Christmas tree made from newspaper.

You’ll need a bottle of glue, green color (something like poster color used for painting) mixed with the glue and then a lot of newspaper.

You’ll use half a sheet of newspaper at a time, soak them up in the glue mix and shape them like a Christmas tree (in a circular fashion) going one step at a time from the base to top.

Once you have the base structure ready you will need to create another mix of glue with red color and newspapers to create some cool ornaments.

After about 24hrs, bring them all together to make a beautiful tree.

Here’s nice video to help you create a news paper Christmas tree.

Easy Newspaper Christmas Tree

Easy Newspaper Christmas Tree

Creative ways to re-purpose old book

Every household has a ton of books which are hardly revisited. If you have a special place for these books, like a mini library at your home, then that’s great! You books are taken care off!

If you don’t have one, then there are number of ways to re-purpose your old books in and around your living room or as something that you can use.

Some of the ideas are:

1) Staked book table lamp
2) A book picture frame
3) Book shelf made of a book
4) A book planter
5) Book marker from old book spines
6) Mobile cover made from a book
7) Vase made of book papers
8) Book as custom journal
9) Old book lamp shade
10)  Book purse/bag

Interesting isn’t it?

Creative Ideas to Repurpose Old Book

Creative Ideas to Repurpose Old Book