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Post-processing a photo

Post-processing or more commonly referred to as ‘Photo manipulation’ is a fun, easy and exciting way of making your best photos look even better.

Post-Processing, its an un-avoidable in today’s digital world. Post-Processing is basically altering and enhancing your photos to make it look better. Some may say it amounts to cheating, but in some scenarios its an important step. You need to draw a line on where to stop post-processing, and that mostly comes from the ethics and values you carry. In today’s world post-processing is considered as a digital darkroom and its defiantly fun to do post-processing using tools such as Photoshop, Light room, etc.


Either to adjust color, add effects, rotate, crop, resize or frame you need the right photo editing software and you need to possess the skills for using those software.

Here is a video explaining post-processing using light room:

How To Post Process an Image - Before/After

How To Post Process an Image – Before/After