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Love is in the ‘Hair’…

Well!  We love to Love and it’s the season of Love! Get a bit inspired by the Valentine’s Day buzz and heat up the season of love a bit with your hairstyle quotient this season. A simple, cute and wearable hairstyle for everyone and something that doesn’t look too young and mushy. It’s pretty simple to create this cute look for a Valentine’s Day date. Here are the simple steps to finding love in the hair…

Create two pony’s or 3 strand braids right next to each other and secure it well. Incase you go with ponytails just twist a bit before giving the shape.

Next wrap the plaits up and over to create the top of the heart and secure it with boby pins.

Add one more bobby pin at the bottom of the heart for extra security.

And there you are. All set for your Valentines’ date. Please refer to the below video to get the shape and style. If I wear you – I would keep all the sprays at bay’s length.

5-Minute Heart-Shaped Braid Tutorial For Valentine's Day

5-Minute Heart-Shaped Braid Tutorial For Valentine’s Day