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Make you own amazing bookends

Bookends are basically objects that are designed to support books on either sides and prevent it from falling.

DIY Kids' Room Bookends

DIY Kids’ Room Bookends

Today you will find bookends that are not just bookends but much more than that. There are a creative lot which add to your home decor, they are decorative, ornamental and elegant too.

The good thing about bookends is that they can be made by you at your home. All you need is some idea and creativity to put together your own bookends. They even make good gifts.

Here are some good video references for your DIY bookends.

Have fun making bookends.

Home made Deodorizers!

Deodorizers are cool and effective way to keep you home smelling good, fresh and healthy! But buying one of-the-shelf is sometimes worrisome because of the chemicals used in preparation of such deodorizers or the cost factor involved.

The best solution is to prepare one yourself at your home and its easy, fun and effective too. If you are creative enough, you can also make it look a lot interesting and as a center piece in your living room.

There are many different ways to make your own deodorizers, here’s one good video showing how to make deodorizer at home.

DIY Home Deodorizers

DIY Home Deodorizers